Thursday, April 26, 2012

utah wrap up

 We visited Nanalee & Papa Lew's neighborhood park, to try to tire out the boys a bit.

 This area is super fun in the summer when it's warm enough for the water to be turned on!

 These boys managed to turn the water sprayers into fun "shooters".  :P

 Walking home with Papa Lew & Dad.

 Silly boy.

 Cedar & Finn got too warm for their shirts.  :P  
Both seem to have itchy backs by this photo.

 The boys spent a lot of time on this trip playing legos...

 ...playing Angry Birds Space...

...reading books & coloring.

I must have slowed down in capturing photos towards the end of our trip, but we had such a great time!  We tackled the drive home in two stretches, with a stay in a hotel in Burns, Oregon.  It was an uneventful drive & the boys did pretty well.  Thanks so much to Nanalee & Papa Lew for being such gracious & generous hosts!

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