Sunday, April 1, 2012

visiting & sledding

 On Saturday morning, we drove over to Aunt Sharon's house to visit & to borrow a sled.

 We hung out in the back yard & enjoyed the warm sun.

The boys enjoyed climbing on the big rocks & playing with the dogs.

Finley & Cedar
Such big boys!

Finn likes to use rose thorns to make a rhino horn on his nose!  :P

The most energetic dog, Whip, liked trying to get Cedar's sticks.  Cedar wasn't too happy about Whip's game & was working hard to keep his sticks safe.  :)

We drove into the mountains to find a good sledding place.  It was harder than we expected, because the warm sun had melted so much of the snow!  We ended up pulling off near a service road that was covered in snow.  It was perfect for sledding!

Dad & Cedar;s turn!

Kenton got the best work out of all of us!


Cedar took a long break from sledding & stuck close to me.  He thought he was pretty funny, throwing snow balls at Mama.  :P  His eyes look kind of crazy in this picture - one's open more than the other.  Funny boy.

Silly Cedar & Mama.

Papa Lew & Nanalee

Finn really liked sledding with Kenton!

They coordinated their outfits so nicely!

It was so warm that we definitely didn't need jackets, or even sweaters!

The sun was a little too bright for Kenton.  :P

Sticking close to Mama!

That just means I get more close up pictures of him than on Finley.  :P

Going down a steep hill all alone!

Last time down, with Dad this time.

Can't pass up the chance for more photos of my handsome boys.

Sweet brothers.

Got one with both of them looking...still a little bright for wide eyes, but I'll take it!

What a fun day!  We sure were tired after running up that snowy hill.  :)

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