Sunday, April 1, 2012

over the mountains

We worried that the snow would delay our trip that we'd planned to drive to Utah.  Kenton's grandparents & Aunt live in Ogden & it had been too long since we'd visited.

The Santiam Pass was definitely snowy, but there wasn't snow on the road.

Kenton did a great job driving on the wet, almost frozen roads & we were through the mountains in no time!  :)
(photos taken with my phone)

The boys did pretty well sleeping as we drove on, through the night, to Ogden.  Cedar had a harder time than Finn, who actually slept the entire time & woke up in shock when we had arrived at out destination. :)

 Once we arrived at Nanalee & Papa Lew's house, they surprised our boys by getting Angry Birds Space on their computer!

 Finn was especially excited!  He had been counting down the days to its release!  What a treat.  :)

 In the afternoon, we went for a walk on a trail near a river.

 It was a great way for the boys to get some energy out!

 Cedar by the river.

 Finley by the river.

 Though it was technically Spring, there wasn't a whole lot of color quite yet.  But it still was pretty!

 Nanalee, Cedar, Papa Lew & Finley

 Chocolate mouth!

 Climbing on the rocks.

 Cedar's climbing too!

 A Creature!  :\

 Finley & Mama

 That evening, we witnessed a lovely sunset from their living room!

 Such pretty colors!

Relaxing after a long night & long day.  :)

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Anonymous said...

What a fun trip and lots of great pics of your gorgeous family! How cool of N and L to get angry birds space!