Friday, April 11, 2014

gcpk spring sing

 Time for Grace Community Preschool & Kindergarten's Spring Sing!  Always a highlight for us!  :)

There's Cedar, waving at Mama while his class gets into position.

 Getting serious now.  ;)

 All twelve kids in the four-day, pre-kindergarten class.

 Checking in with the rest of the class.

 Sweet smile.

Cedar did so well & we were so proud of him!  He's been going through a shy stage lately, but didn't seem to have even a bit of stage fright.  So brave!  Cedar will be graduating from preschool in June & then will start Kindergarten in the fall!  Time sure has flown by!  We've had such a great experience at GCPK, but it'll be nice to not pay for preschool for the first time in four years.  :]

Way to go, Cedar!  We love to hear you sing!

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