Friday, March 7, 2008


My shoes that I ordered after Christmas finally arrived. They were on backorder until the middle of February. I'd pretty much given up hope. But they came yesterday! Yay! :)

Also, yesterday Finn turned 16 months old. I tried to get a cute photo, but he was busy toting around his treasures (a rock, a stick, a sippy cup & I believe he was chasing after a ball).

Today, Finn took his first bubble bath (at our house, at least). Pretty exciting, since bubble is one of the words he says very clearly.

Other words he's working on lately: truck (uck or ugh-ugh), bus (buh), kitty (it-ee), eyes, teeth (eeth), hair (air), nose (no), ear (ee), boots (bo), shoe (woo), bath (baa), yes (yeth), car (cah-ca), book (bow), O's (ooo - as in Cherios), Go! - just like that but in a really high pitched voice :)

He pretty much gets the first sound of the word, or sometimes an ending sound. He says some clearly, but a lot are still coming along. He's also added horse, cow, & sometimes sheep sounds to his list. :)

His sense of humor is emerging more as well. When he's in the bath tub, he puts cups on his feet & then gives us the proudest grin. He also was pretty pleased with himself when he put his boot on his hand. Last night, he put his pacifier in between his toes & got so excited when I laughed at his trick. He loves to make us laugh & will repeat his silly action over & over to keep up giggling.

We are having so much fun with our 16 month old. Now the big test is coming in 11 days - our flight to Texas to visit our close friends Kris, Samantha & Charis (our God-daughter). You can be sure that I'll report back about that adventure. :) So exciting - & a little nerve-racking as well. But so worth the crazy flight! Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Nice shoes! And a very cute little boy in the bathtub! :) Mummi

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes! They're like a mix of my two Danskos!

Cute boy too!

Mom and Steve are here!! It's odd to have them here... but fun!

Angela said...

I'm liking the pictures of your little man! They help me know what to look forward to . . . and your shoes are super cute!