Wednesday, March 26, 2008

new desk

One of our purchases at IKEA was a desk set with 2 chairs for Finn. He really enjoyed sitting in Charis' little chairs so we wanted to get him a set. :) As you can see, he's putting it to good use!

Once Kenton built the chairs, he used it a little more appropriately. :P

Really excited about the magna doodle!


Not quite what we had hoped for... :\

A view of the room once we rearranged a bit.
(Busy boy...)

We finally moved the baby swing out of his room & filled the bottom two shelves of the bookcase with Finn's toys. Note the nice new helmet on the 2nd shelf. We used Kris' employee discount & bought a helmet for Finn - we hope to buy a bike trailer soon so we can go on family bike rides! :)


Anonymous said...

Jesse and I are amazed at how you are so good at finding things that match Finn's room! That rug is new! Nice new table, too!

I bet you guys are glad to be back in Eugene, even though you had such a good trip. You guys did so many awesome kid-friendly things in Austin! I hope we're around when the Elkintons come to Eugene for a visit so we can play with Charis and Finn too!

Jax said...

yeah! you're back! phew...i was getting bored. haha. finley looks really excited in those last few pictures. could he have been getting ready for bed by any chance? did he lick you?? ;-)