Saturday, March 15, 2008

happy birthday Ty!

The birthday boy!

Playing with Dad

We gave him Pokemon cards! :)

Yumm - giant chocolate chip cookie

We had a lot of fun at Tyler's 8th bday party! Finn's second time at Chuck E Cheese's & he seemed to enjoy everything a lot more this time. For more photos, check out the photo album on the left. I also added an album from our night at the coast last month. Most are the same photos, but some might be new.

Anyway, we're off to search for a board game that Stu & Jacque showed an interest in. Kenton is excited to find people that might want to play with him. :) Wish us luck! We might try & get some things checked of our to-do list for our trip to Texas. We leave on Tuesday! So exciting!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing those great photos! Glad you guys were able to make it! I downloaded the Picasa album, so handy. =0) Becca

Jax said...

it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! and the pokemon cards seems to have been a hit!