Tuesday, March 4, 2008

outdoor adventures

So close to blooming.
This is one of my least favorite shrubs most of the year. But I love it when it blooms in Spring. I think it's called a Flowering Quince & when in full bloom the whole shrub is covered in bright pink flowers. After it has bloomed, it's a mess of green leaves & in the winter it's just a bunch of scraggly twigs. Not my favorite...but in Spring, it's a different story. I probably just need to learn to prune it correctly. Anyone know how?

Here are photos from another outdoor adventure with Finn. I couldn't choose just one photo, so there are several. He's just so cute & fun...& handsome, if I do say so myself. :)

A new favorite game: throwing the bouncy, orange ball outside. He cracks up when it bounces. It's a double bonus if in rolls into a hole.

Like I said, handsome. :)

Pointing at a car, or a cat, or an airplane, or a big truck. I can't remember, but each is equally exciting to this little guy.

Or maybe it was a rock. He loves rocks. Such a boy.


Jax said...

finley is just too cute! i know that i say that all the time but he never fails to make me go, "awwww..." whenever i see him/pictures of him. im excited for you about your blooming shrubs and bulbs! we just have a patch of dirt in our front yard that is bare most of the year and then covered in clover in the winter! :)

Anonymous said...

Can you believe all the babies?!?! I haven't heard any news from Heather, but she went in at 3pm Pacific on Tuesday. I get confused about time... I think they were going to induce because of high blood pressure. I will call Steve soon to get more news!

I love Finn's outfit! Is that the right word for a boy? I don't know... I like it though! And he is very handsome. :)