Tuesday, April 1, 2008

back to work

...so my blogging has been neglected a bit. We're also not doing quite as many exciting activities as we were on Spring Break. But here are some photos from a couple of nights ago. Nothing too amazing, but Finn & I were playing in his room before bedtime. I put a lamp on his table & liked the sleepy lighting it created. Helps calm the mood a bit. :)

Checking out the flashcards that Zella (Lauren's mom) gave us last summer when we visited Berkeley. He mangled a few of them back then, but still enjoyed them this time around.

Trying to capture the moments

I love it when it feels like I can watch his brain work. I can tell he's taking in what he's seeing & thinking about things. :)

Our little monkey - just one boy, but all monkey! :P

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Pands said...

Hey Katie,
Good to catch up on your blog. Looks like you guys had a great time in Austin. I enjoy your photos. Finn has grown up so fast. We look forward to seeing you guys over the summer! Love, Sheila