Wednesday, April 9, 2008

unexpected fun

This morning when I was leaving the house with Finn, he saw a bright red ball across the street laying in the grass. He started saying "baba" (translation: ball ball) over & over until I realized what he was trying to tell me. I figured we might get to play with it later in the day if it was still there. But when we got home, it wasn't across the street was in our front yard! Someone must have thought it was ours or something?

Anyway, I was excited to show Finn when he woke up from his nap (3 1/2 hours, by the way; he has a little cold...). We played with it for awhile until Dad came walking down the street (he rode the bus home). I love it when something unexpected ends up filling our day with fun.

Here's a photo from last week:
I picked up Finn from my mom's house after work last week & at one point all 6 grandkids were there with their mamas. My mom wants to start a tradition of lining the kids up in age order for a photo every time they're all at their house, so we started that day. We were pretty surprised that all 6 kids held hands & I couldn't believe that Finn & Griffin both looked at the camera. They're the only ones looking in this photo, but I think there were some that had the others looking too. You can't exactly get every kid looking at the same time; that's kind of asking a lot! :P


Anonymous said...

Fun! That's a cool tradition Janice is starting! We'll have to do that too, since I now have 2 nephews and one more neice or nephew on the way! Have you seen the photos of Antonio yet?

Jax said...

oh no! i hope that i didnt give finn his cold! oh...and stu and i finished the first season of dexter last night. what??!! i was so shocked! crazy! and now i am sad that we have to wait FOREVER for the next season...

Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton said...

What an awesome tradition to start. They will really appreciate that when they have kids of their own. I used to ask my mom and dad all of the time for photos of them when they were younger.

Keep it up. As you know, they grow up fast!


Unknown said...

Aww,that grandkid picture turned out so cute!