Sunday, April 27, 2008

sunny day

After church today, we celebrated Aaron's 34th birthday with chili dogs & a giant chocolate chip cookie cake. :P Yumm! Good choices Aaron!

Finn's shirt says "My first Alaska T-shirt!!" :)

After Aaron's birthday lunch, Kenton, Finley & I went home & all took a nap...we've had a pretty busy weekend. It felt nice to rest for the afternoon. But as soon as we were all awake, it was back to work!

Finn & I went for a jog (he was in the jogging stroller) & played at the park down the street while Kenton mowed the lawn.

Finn can use almost all of the playground equipment without help. I was amazed at how brave he is. He kept skipping the stairs & just pulling himself up to the platform.

I took a video to share just how fearless Finn is when it comes to slides. Please disregard my dorky commentary. ;)


Jax said...

thanks for inviting me and stu to the track town throw down. it was definitely nice to have something to do and someone fun to hang out with on a saturday! and we found an awesome bbq! stu got mariokart yesterday so we are definitely going to have to hang out again soon. maybe you guys can meet the ferrets!

oh yeah, and i love finn in his sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

That kid is crazy!! Happy Birthday Aaron!

hechtr said...

Wow! Finn is so strong and fast too! It's great how he loves HIS playground!

Anonymous said...

Finn is 41/2 years ahead of me. I didn't see a slide like this until my first day at school at the age of six.(no kindergarten)and it was scary. He certainly is full of surprises.

Nana Lee