Tuesday, April 22, 2008

great grandparents

Finn's a pretty lucky kid. He has both sets of grandparents & 1 set of great grandparents that all live in Eugene! He really loves them all & gets so excited when I tell him that we're going to any of their houses. Last night, we went to Marylee & Lew's house (Kenton's grandparents, Finn's great grandparents). They bought a train set (among other toys) so that Finn would have cool toys to play with when we visit. These photos were taken by Outi on a different day, but you get the idea. :)

He's starting to get the hang of the remote.

I love how closely he's watching the train here...doesn't want to take his eyes off it for a second!

We feel so blessed to be surrounded by our family & that Finn gets to grow up knowing his grand/great grandparents.


Jax said...
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Jax said...

(i accidentally removed my comment a second ago. so here it goes again)

I am so jealous! Finn has all the cool the cool toys! first an awesome bus and now this train set...