Friday, June 26, 2009

summer break

On Wednesday, we played with the Chase kids at Memaw & Papa's house. School is out for summer break, so we got to spend time with Tyler & Sadie too! We all walked over to get free lunch at a local apartment complex - a local program provides free lunches for kids Monday through Friday (at many different locations throughout Lane County) during the Summer.

Finn & Cohen ate the apples that Papa put on their corn dog sticks. :)

Watching his cousins play.

Tyler rode his bike to lunch.

Cedar slept in the stroller the whole time. :)

Sadie scooted to lunch. :P

We stopped at the playground on the way home. Cohen showing us his sliding skills. :)

Finn has skills too!

Back at Memaw's house, I realized that Tyler & I almost have the same size feet. We could probably share shoes! It's so crazy how grown-up Tyler is looking lately. :P

Cedar is really starting to look different than Finn's baby photos. I've been realizing more lately that he has his own look...I guess he doesn't look identical to his brother. But you can still tell they're siblings. :)

Later that evening, we went to see Stu & Jacque's new house! It's really great & surrounded by big, beautiful trees. Congratulations friends!

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Jax said...

Thanks for the shout out! & thanks for coming over and seeing us on our first night at the new place. We enjoyed being able to share that night with friends! You guys are welcome anytime!

P.S. I am stealing the picture you took of me and Stu ;-)