Monday, July 6, 2009

independence day

Red White & Blue
Cedar was also wearing blue but he was sleeping. :)

We spent the evening with Uncle Brian, Carolyn & Jesse & their friends, Brian & Helen. We swam in the pool, barbequed shish-kabobs & walked to Alton Baker Park to watch their fireworks show.

We only bought a handful of sparklers because we knew lots of people would be lighting their own fireworks at the park.

Finn was very into using the sparklers as "lightning" swords!

Fighting Dad!

My parents met up with us to watch the show. Cedar woke up just in time for some cuddles before the fireworks started.

Finn was very patient, letting Kenton light each sparkler & he handled the duds really well too. :)

Papa & Cedar

Two at a time!

It's getting darker! Almost time for the show to start. It didn't actually start until about 10 pm! It takes so long for it to get dark enough in Oregon.

Carolyn, Jesse & Kenton had fun messing around with the settings on our camera during the show. Not sure who took these photos, but they turned out pretty cool.

The show lasted for a lot longer than we expected. It was great! We were all pretty tired but Finn had skipped his nap & was kind of out of control. He had a really hard time sitting still but he loved the fireworks. He & Cedar both stayed awake during the show but they fell asleep in the stroller on the walk back to our car.

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Samantha said...

I just got internet back at home and am checking up on all your posts. It looks like you had a good vacation and a good July 4th. You have such a cute little family. And I love seeing how you guys enjoy each other. Love you! Sam