Thursday, July 2, 2009

duck pond

On Monday (stay-cation day 3), we went to see the ducks. We decided that we weren't going to feed the ducks because, for one, we heard it's illegal. For two, it gets a little crazy with a small child. Besides, there were mostly geese - not so many ducks. And geese are BIG! :)

Self-timed family portrait.

We walked around the park to check out the different bridges. Finn was really good at watching where he was walking to avoid the duck/goose poop - it's everywhere!

"Hi duck!"

In the middle of the pond there is an island. We found lots of ducks & geese sitting on their nests & one little group of baby ducks. Very cute. Finn posed so nicely for me in the middle of this circle-art-thing...or as Kenton calls it, a sun monolith. :P

Walking with Dad

We walked onto the pedestrian bridge to show Finn the river. As usual, Cedar snoozed in his car seat through the whole park adventure. Maybe next summer he'll be a little more excited about the ducks. :P

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Anonymous said...

Finn looks great! We miss you guys!--Mummi and Pappa