Saturday, July 11, 2009

last group with the millers

On Tuesday, we met as a group for the last time with the Millers; Sandy, Nicole & Addi are moving to Walla Walla, Washington. :(

Sweet Addi in the swing

We've known the Millers for 5 years & have been meeting as a small group for about 4 1/2 of those years.

Macey on the slide

Finn kept asking me to take a picture of him jumping. :)

Emma, Addi & Nicole

Nicole & Addi

We made an attempt at getting a photo of all the kids. Not too bad for a photo of 6 kids 2 1/2 & younger. :)
Emma, Ethan, Addi, Cedar, Finn, & Macey

It got a little chaotic but we had to get one last photo. :)

Our group
Greens, Millers, Gibsons & Henrys :)

The two-year-olds piled into the same car. :P

We're going to miss the Millers so much! It's going to be so strange not to see them every week on Tuesday evenings & Sunday mornings. We're excited for the adventure that awaits them in Washington...but we're sad to see them go. :(

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hechtr said...

Great send-off for the Millers and with ties that strong we're assured that they'll be back for visits with Addi's first friends! Love the group shots of the kids!
Miss you all/see you soon!