Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bath time

Cedar was enjoying his bath...until Kenton brought the camera. Then he splashed himself in the face too many times & no longer wanted to be in the tub. But you can actually see his two tiny teeth in this photo, so I must share! :)

Cute "towel" hair!

Looking like a Chase baby?

Such a happy 8 month old! What a joy our little Cedar is to all of us. We love him so much!


Jax said...

Haha, that first picture of Cedar is great! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! --Mummi

Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton said...

So adorable. I don't know you get anything done in a day when you have such cute boys to look at.

Gretchen Ruddick said...

I think he totally resembles a Chase baby. (: But, he looks like you guys, too! (: