Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new year's eve

We celebrated New Year's Eve with the Chases at the Ruddick's. Pretty low key this year, but it was a perfect evening (again, I borrowed some photos from Gretchen! That's what happens when you're the first to blog...thanks!). :P

Cedar was a very happy, peaceful guy. I think he was finally feeling better after his first 2 teeth broke through! Finn had 4 teeth by this age so it seemed to us like it took forever for Cedar to get his teeth. Then he got them back to back - one on Monday & the next on Tuesday. :)

Sweet playtime with Aunt Gretchen & Tyler

The younger kids all played so well together that we were able to play lots of Jungle Speed! I think everyone won a game or two, so it was fun! Tyler is pretty good too, so that was neat for me to see. I can't believe he's going to be 10 this year!

Our wonderful hosts: Gretchen & Josh

Aaron cuddling with a sleepy Sadie

Watching a movie...Sadie has already fallen asleep

The Novemberists played for a long time together.

A blurry shot of Cedar sleeping in Griffin's crib

Happy New Year!
Finn made it to the countdown...& beyond. He actually stayed awake for the drive home! I think he finally fell asleep after 1:00 am! (He was the only kid to nap that day, so that certainly helped) :)

The Chases - very sleepy kids

We toasted with champagne.

The only kid still going after midnight. We were definitely in awe of Finn's ability to stay awake...though not exactly surprised. ;)

Happy 2010!

I still can't believe we're starting a new decade! This means that it's been almost 10 years since Kenton & I started dating. Crazy!

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