Thursday, January 21, 2010


Cedar is such a lucky little, baby boy to have TWO big boys to play with all the time! :) Kenton & Finn were crawling back & forth across the living room with him on this day...going after Finn's giant, stuffed dog "Obi Wan".

Finn got there first

Cedar looks a little cautious - not too sure about wrestling with such a big kid? :)

Finn moved on & Cedar had Obi Wan all to himself. He's starting to get up all his hands & knees more & more all the time. Won't be long before he's crawling quickly on all fours. :P (Sorry for all the blurry action shots - what's a mama to do with such busy boys??) :)

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Anonymous said...

I cleaned out a closet upstairs and found Kenton's baby calendar. He pulled himself up to standing (against something), and crawled the first time on the same day when he was just a few days short of 8 months. Two months later, at 10 mos, he took his first steps. So, there you go! It's all going to change fast now! --Mummi