Saturday, January 30, 2010


We've definitely hit that time of year where sunny days are hard to come by. I realized that I hadn't let Cedar feel grass since he had become more mobile. So on Thursday, I took advantage of the break in the clouds & took the boys outside!

Cedar doesn't look very impressed.

It was obvious that Cedar didn't really want to touch to cold, damp grass. :)

Finn got a kick out of blowing bubbles for his baby brother.

Such cool bubbles! You just squeeze the bottle & the wand pops up. Finn's hands still manage to get soapy, but I can usually manage a bubble session without messy hands! Nice!

Handsome boy.

Cedar likes the bubbles!

Finn likes chasing them too!

Ahhh...vitamin D!
He kept himself entertained with these bubbles for a LONG time. It was great fun!

Showing off his latest trick. He has mastered getting into the crawling position. He has yet to crawl in this fashion, but still manages to get around quickly with his army crawl. On this day, Cedar actually pulled up to standing at Kevin & Outi's house! He showed off that new trick for Kenton & I once we got home from work.

Oops, I wish my shadow wasn't on his face. Oh, well. :\

It all goes so quickly! I can't believe he's getting so big! He can sit by himself for several minutes & has pulled himself into the sitting position a few times lately.

I really love the mobile stage. I know that this means he can get into everything. But I loved it when Finn started walking. I'm going to enjoy the non-walking stage as much as possible because once the start walking, they never stop! What a great spring & summer this will be!

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