Monday, April 19, 2010

around the house

I picked up this bistro set at a second hand furniture store close to our house.

It was a pretty good deal - mostly because the wooden bottoms of the chairs were rotted out & the paint was chipped & rusty.

Yellow is cute & all, but not quite my style. Still, I could see the potential...

I sprayed the metal with hammered brown metallic paint & removed the seats & backs of the chairs. Kenton helped me cut new seats & backs out of some scraps of wood. I found some cute outdoor canvas fabric & covered the old cushions & new wood.

Voila! Good as new!
(Please ignore the ugly yellow hose. I need to get one in a less obnoxious color.) :)

Not sure how well the fabric will hold up compared to vinyl, but I had a coupon & it was much cuter than the vinyl options. So if I have to redo it all next year, I didn't spend much & it wasn't very hard either.

A few more new arrivals around the house - I found this little table on the side of the road. It was white & rusty, but sprayed black it's a perfect plant stand.

Another freebie on the side of the road: the wood framed window. Free! I sprayed it with Heirloom White paint (my spray painting muscles are a bit sore :P) but am really hoping it weathers quickly. I like the way old windows look when they are a bit more dirty & chippy. :)

White rhododendron in bloom.

Our baby broccoli is growing nicely.

Carrot sprouts...even though I misread the planting directions & planted a square of carrots 3 inches deep instead of 1/4" deep. Still growing...we'll see. :)


Butter crunch & Romaine lettuces.


We had a great weekend filled with sun & 70 degree weather. It really felt like Spring! I could use a little more of that...but I'll take the rain too. :)


Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton said...

What an awesome backyard your family has built! I hope I can share a cold drink and refreshing conversation with you sitting at your new bistro table sometime soon (:

Hattie said...

Very cool bistro set! I love the fabric you used :-)