Monday, April 5, 2010

easter brunch

After church, we went to Kevin & Outi's for brunch. She made yummy potatoes & ham, with fruit & cinnamon rolls. I brought sticky buns to share too!

Handsome Finn checking out the new Bakugan that came in his basket from Mummi & Pappa's Easter bunny. ;)

Our family. Serious Cedar.

Another with a sweet smile from Cedar. I was in mid-laugh, of course. :P

The whole Henry family
Brian, Outi, Kevin, Cedar, Katrina, Kenton & Finn

Cedar showing off some new skills. He's getting good at walking with a walking toy.

Handsome 11 month old!

Another sweet face.

We had a very fun & full Easter weekend to finish off our two weeks of Spring Break. After another quick visit from our friends, Carolyn & Jesse, we went for a LONG walk to burn some calories & get some fresh air. It was cold but didn't rain & Finn even took a little nap while we walked. A great way to end a great day/weekend/week. :) Now back to real life...

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