Monday, April 5, 2010

progressive easter, continued

We followed my parent's house with our house! My assignment was to make "fresh" appetizers, like a salad course. Since we don't have a lot of sit-down space, I made bite sized some tasty mini desserts. It was a lot of fun & I used premade fillo cups - so easy!

I borrowed the tiered serving plates from my mom - I think I might need one of those - to display the 3 choices: Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese & Grape Salad bites (altered Cooking Light recipe), Caesar Salad bites, Raspberry & Mascarpone Cream bites. Kenton also made iced "Cuban" coffee & we had tea & some other snacks for the kids. :)

Brooke with Kara & Summer

Gathered in the living room.
We especially had fun sharing our baby chicks with everyone. :)

Next we moved on to the Ruddick's house for dinner & an egg hunt. We had pulled pork sandwiches, scalloped potatoes, asparagus & fresh veggies. Very tasty!

There were a few eggs hidden for the littlest kids & Cedar found one right away, but he threw it like a ball. :)

Summer was very quick to gather as many as she could & plopped down right on top to keep them safe. She looked like a little hen. :)

Kara tried to keep up but when she got up to look for more, Summer snatched her eggs too. :P

Finn had a great time looking for purple eggs - each of the older kids had a specific color of eggs to search for.

Cedar giving fishy kisses to the stuffed fish in his Easter basket.

We finished off the evening with dessert & coffee at the Chase's house. Mini cupcakes...

...& a mint chocolate ice cream torte! Yummy! It was so much fun to take turns hosting. We were all exhausted but thankful for so much time to visit with family.

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