Sunday, May 30, 2010

mother's day

After church, we celebrated Mother's day at my parent's house with a barbeque!

My mom & me
(Notice the two beaded bracelets I'm wearing. Finn made each one for me in his Sunday school class - we went to both services, so I got two!) :)

Papa made yummy kabobs!

The moms

For dessert, we had fruit sorbet served in real fruit "shells" - coconut, pineapple, lemon & maybe one other flavor. I had coconut!

Finn had pineapple. :)

Exchanging gifts.

Earrings for my sisters...

...& some candles & vegetable starts for Mom.

After food & gifts, we walked over to the baseball diamond for the traditional Mother's Day game. I'm pretty sure I sat out last year, considering I had had a C-section the week before. :)

As you can see from Becca's bare feet & skirt, it's a casual game. No one strikes out & we all take a turn.

Sadie's practicing for her turn.

Ronan pitched with Papa

Kenton up to bat

Finn tried using a tee for the first time

Cedar even got to run the bases. :)

The whole group.

Me & my boys. I feel so blessed to be Finn & Cedar's Mama. They bring so much joy & entertainment to our home. I thank God for trusting me to care for them - they're just so great! :)

After the game, we went to Kenton's parent's house to celebrate with his mom. It started pouring & thundering - I love storms! :) We had a relaxed evening & enjoyed delicious Chinese food. A full & fun Mother's day.

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