Sunday, May 2, 2010

a first birthday

On Saturday, May 1st, Cedar turned one year old! What a beautiful May Day!

This is how you open presents, right? :P

Blurry, but happy!

We gave him a walking/riding toy that works on the grass. :)

We invited his family & friends to join us at noon to celebrate with burgers & cupcakes.

Mummi & Pappa got a cool water table for Cedar. He was sleeping when people started arriving, so the big kids tested it out for him. Turns out, they all got wet. Go figure! :P

Cedar was excited to check it out, once he woke up & joined the party.

Everyone enjoyed checking out the chicks in their newly completed run.

Kenton worked the barbeque & grilled up some delicious burgers. We were excited to try some local ground beef, after watching "Food, Inc". :)

Cedar had a hard time sitting still while opening presents, but he's had a great time playing with all of the cool gifts he received!

Cedar is so very loved. :)

Striking a pose with his cool, new dump truck from Jacque & Stu.

After helping to blow out the candle, I guess Finn thought Cedar needed "help" tasting his cupcake. I caught him in the act of sticking his finger in the frosting! :P

All of the kids gathered around...waiting "patiently" for their cupcake. We let Cedar enjoy his first taste, then shared with everyone else. :)

He didn't go crazy for his cupcake right away, but quickly got excited & started taking bites.

He sat for a long time, licking his fingers, trying to get every bite, saying "Numm, numm" the whole time.

Macey liked hers too!

The best we could do after a long & very enjoyable day. Thank you so much to all who helped make Cedar's first birthday party a success! :)

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Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Cedar!!! We are sorry we missed it. Finn looks so grown up in the last picture. We really need to see each other soon, we miss you.