Sunday, May 30, 2010

half birthday

If I'm quick, maybe I can catch up & finish posting May photos & events...before May is over! Eeks. Breaks over. Here I go!

After Cedar's birthday party, we did some rearranging & redecorating. The white cubby shelves moved from the family room to each of the boys' rooms - this time on their sides. Perfect for storing toys that they can reach. :) We also hung the tissue paper balls we used for party decorations in each of their rooms. I really like how much life they bring to their bedrooms. Fun!

Getting ready for his half-birthday?? ;)

On May 6th, Finn turned 3 1/2! He was pretty excited, but I think he was expecting a little bit more of a party...especially after seeing Cedar's 1st Birthday party. But it was a half birthday, so he only got a couple of fun, new gifts. :)

A popping toy, a drill for digging & a dinosaur stamp. :)
He's growing up so fast!

Sleepy Cedar.

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