Sunday, May 30, 2010

tracktown throwdown

On Saturday, Kenton ran his third (almost annual) Tracktown Throwdown Heroscape tournament. Tyler was the youngest player & I think the age range went up to 50.

24 people participated & some people drove down from Portland & Vancouver.

Carolyn, Jacque & I helped things run smoothly & sold snacks! :)

Carolyn actually played a couple of rounds because there ended up being an odd number for a while. So Jacque & I cheered her on! Yay, Carolyn! :)

One more shot of the ladies...we had a lot of time to kill. :)

I helped everyone score up their games & wrote them up on the white board in between rounds. It was a pretty important job...or at least, I thought so. ;)

Everyone brought a Heroscape related item for the prize table & Kenton got some local & online stores to donate gift certificates.

The top player chose first & so on, plus the top three players ended up getting to choose 2 prizes.

The lovely assistants.

In the end, there was an extra prize, so they all rolled a 2o sided die to see who'd win true nerd fashion (tee hee)!

The biggest nerd of them all rolled a 20 & won the final prize! (Just kidding, Jon) :P It was a lot of fun & everyone was really nice. They were all good sports, which makes it so much fun to help out. :)

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