Friday, June 11, 2010

all about finley

Finn has a new favorite friend - Outi's brother Jukka (from Finland). He & his wife, Maarit, have been visiting this month & Finn is loving his new playmates.

Cuddle break with Mummi

Being brave & scaring Mama...& the neighbor lady. ;)

Our first carrot from the garden. I pulled it up to see how big it was (we are letting the rest of the carrots grow some more) & asked Finn if he wanted to eat it. He said "No, cause it's dirty" but was excited when I told him I could wash it. :)

I told him to save me a bite & I barely got a taste.

He ate it quickly & said it was delicious. "It tastes like cinnamon!" I didn't taste the cinnamon. ;)

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Jacque said...

Yum! Fresh carrots! Did Finn get an owie on his leg??