Sunday, June 27, 2010

women's luncheon

Yesterday, Carolyn & Jacque attended the Women's Luncheon at Grace with me!

We sat at a table with my sisters. Sasha hosted our table & it looked so cute!

Miss Chelsea (the Children's director) was the MC & she announced all of the ladies that participated in the Swim Suit Fashion Show...which included my mom & myself. :)

My mom wore a wool suit from the 1920's!

This is the 1940's suit that I wore.

Here's my mom in her 1960's lifeguard suit. So cute!

I also modeled a 1960's suit.
It was scary, but we had fun. Luckily, I only had to be on stage for a minute or two for each suit. ;) There were other women modeling suits from the 20's to the 70's...I just wasn't sure how they felt having pictures of them in swim suits posted on some random blog. Sorry. :P

Mom, Katrina, Gretchen & Becca

Carolyn, Jacque & me

Kenton hung out with the boys at Jacque's house to play with her new puppy, Barney. When we met up with them, I caught Cedar getting himself stuck in their banister. Silly baby. :P

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Anonymous said...

It was so fun doing the fashion show with you! Gotta love those vintage swimsuits! And you have the look and the moves to model 'for reals'! Great job, sweetiePie!
<3proud to be your mama