Friday, June 11, 2010

portland family

On Saturday, June 5th, the Neals came down from Portland to visit & celebrate Spring birthdays.

We all gathered at our house so that they could see our garden & chickens. :)

My cute parents. :)

Sadie is always drawn to Cedar - & he loves her too!

Cool hair, Finn.
The boys all played in the water table & got soaked. They all dipped their heads in the water. :P

Mama & Finn

The girl cousins
Elle, Hannah, Katrina, Gretchen, & Becca
Elle was getting ready to graduate from 8th grade!

The whole group

We all went to my parents' house for bbq beef sandwiches afterward (except for the Ruddicks). Memaw, Cedar & Tyler got to open gifts for their birthdays. Thanks for coming down Neals! We had a great time. :)

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Kenton said...

That Mama and Finn picture is my new favorite!