Saturday, June 19, 2010

best lane park

On Tuesday, I met my sisters & Kelly at Best Lane park for lunch. This week marks the beginning of my 4 week break from work before our summer session. I've been pretty quick to look for ways to fill up our days & to get out of the house. It was our first time at this park & the boys had a lot of fun!

Cedar explored in Aunt Becca's bike trailer...

...& showed off his new walking skills!
He's getting better every day, but also has had plenty of painful tumbles - ouch!

Picnic lunch.
The kids barely stopped playing to eat & Kelly's boys were zooming around on their bikes most of the time! But they came over when they got hungry. :)

Sweet Griffin. :)

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Jacque said...

I can't believe that Cedar is walking! I am sad that I missed his skills when you came over to meet Barney!