Friday, August 13, 2010

the finished wall

Long ago, before Cedar joined our family, I hung some photo art of our little family above our bed. I always had the intention of adding photos of Cedar once he arrived & had been with us for long enough for us to capture some great photos...

Last week, I finally finished up the project. I ended up replacing 3 of the original prints (because Finn has grown up a lot since then) & adding 3 more. So, 6 updated photos of the family.

I got the idea from here & a tutorial of the photo editing process was included (I believe the tutorial link is no longer working but was able to complete the process from memory this time around). I love the way it turned out. Thank you to Marylee & Lew for the craft store gift card that allowed me to pick up some more frames! :)


ChaseRR said...

Looks soooo great! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

awesome photo display!