Friday, August 13, 2010

happy birthday to kenton

We let Kenton open his birthday gifts from us in the morning, before we left for work. We're not real patient. :)

One of the gifts was for Kenton & Finn, as you may have guessed from Finn's expression.

It is very fun to see Finn so excited about birthdays & helping open gifts. He really does love a celebration! :)

I had the chance to go out to lunch with Kenton after work. He chose The 'Wich House because you can order delicious sandwiches (made with local ingredients) & play board games while you eat!

My food was SO tasty & creative. Love their homemade bread!

The best lunch date ever!

That evening we hosted a barbeque for our family & friends.

The kids stayed entertained with the sandbox & easel.

Good adult conversation!

Best friends/cousins/siblings watching the birthday boy open his gifts.

Cool hat from the Ruddicks

Carolyn & Jesse working really hard to create a new tradition while opening gifts - clapping. Hasn't stuck quite yet...keep trying, guys. ;)

All 29 candles!

Ronan waiting very patiently for a slice of Guinness Cake!

The original Henry family

Cedar made the rounds requesting bites from all who would comply. He loves sweets! His off the shoulder look is courtesy of his friend Emma, who is mildly enamoured with Cedar & enjoys trying to undress him (like a doll). :P

We were so thankful to be surrounded by so many people who love Kenton. What a great way to celebrate such a wonderful guy!


Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Kenton!!! Hope you had a great day and wish you a great year! Love you guys,

Kenton Henry said...

That was the best lunch date ever, even though you beat me by one point! Thanks for the great birthday, love.