Thursday, March 24, 2011


Every year since their return from Azerbaijan (for the PeaceCorps), Carolyn & Jesse have invited us to their Novruz celebration. It's the first day of Spring & is Azerbaijan's New Year celebration. Check out the 2010 & 2009 celebrations!

On Sunday, March 20th, the Williamses prepared their favorite Azerbaijani foods to share with us!

The yummy spread!

Plov! Always a favorite. :)

A tasty, cold potatoey/eggy salad (didn't catch the name) & yummy yogurt/spinach/herb soup (didn't catch that name either) :)

Bread & Meat! Finn was a big fan of the meat & even had seconds. :)

And of course, Bahklava!

Jacque helping Finn with his puzzle, while waiting for the feast to begin.

After dinner, Jesse put his Boy Scout skills to work & built a small fire in their driveway.

I love this picture of Jacque & Cedar. They both look like they're having a great time! :)

Stu & Kenton, humoring the girl with the camera. ;)

Finn trying to wait patiently for the fire to get big enough...& possibly doing the potty dance?? :P

The first to jump over the fire! This year, he got to do it by himself - no help! He even practiced saying the traditional saying, "Ağırlıgım- uğurluğum bu odda qalsın!" Which essentially means, all my troubles fall into the fire, so we can start the New Year with a clean slate.

Kenton & I helped Cedar jump this year. Last year, we carried him as we helped Finn jump. What a difference a year makes...

Kenton's turn. Cedar & Finn were never far from the action & Cedar was definitely making me nervous a few times. But he knew that the fire was HOT & was steering clear every time.

A blurry, but cute, Jacque!

Carolyn in a blur, with a curious Finn watching.

Jesse...& Cedar! :)

Carolyn & Jesse helping Finn. Finn definitely jumped more than the traditional 3 times. He was having too much fun to stop!

Thanks for another great Novruz, Carolyn & Jesse! Always a good time...always delicious food!


Carolyn said...

Fun! Great photos!

Jax said...

Yeah! What a great night! Haha, I really like the picture of me and Cedar; I have booze in my left hand and I am pretty sure it was taken seconds before Cedar fell. :-) Awesome food and great friends! Thanks for hosting Carolyn and Jesse!!

Elvin Garayev said...

Great to see you guys celebrating Novruz! Applouds go for the Williamses!!

Novruz Bayraminiz Mubarek!

Steve said...

I Love Novruz!