Thursday, March 24, 2011

blue cast

Here he is! Complete with blue cast. :) Things have been quite uneventful & calm around here. We spent Wednesday trying to keep Finn from getting too active, by keeping Netflix going. :) The only way to get him to sit still with his arm elevated was to put a movie on. Luckily, it worked & the swelling went down enough for our pediatrician to put his arm in a cast.

He will have to wear the cast for 4 weeks, but we were able to schedule to have it removed just before Easter! No dirty cast for Easter pictures. :)
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Chelsea Anne said...

I love Finley's facial expressions! Such a kick. Glad he is doing okay, looking forward to seeing that cast in person! :)

Jacque said...

Man, Finn is totally Mega Man now!

Anonymous said...

Great looking cast! Beautiful blue Finn color!----Mummi