Friday, March 18, 2011

tyler is 11!

Not quite sure how it's possible, but on March 14th, Tyler turned 11! Craziness.

Aunt Katie with the youngest (Tate) & oldest (Tyler) cousins!

We celebrated the birthday boy's special day at Papa's Pizza!

Ready for presents!

Griffin, Sadie & Finley

I like this blurry, extreme closeup of me with Tate. I pretty much love any picture with Tate. Who am I kidding?! I love Tate! :)

Oh yeah, I got my hair cut. 7 inches off. It's so much easier - I love it!
I love Tate, too. ;)

Cedar playing with Dad! He sure is getting big. Won't be long until he turns 2! Eeeks!

We got Tyler an account for a game called Minecraft. Kenton & Finley love this game & are hoping to recruit Ty to the fan club. It's useless to fight against it Ty...join them & experience the addictiveness of the game! :P

A blurry shot of Tyler's specially requested cake - NO frosting. And to think, his mom decorates cakes for a living. What a character!

Mandatory blowing out the candles photo! ;)

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