Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Josh!

We celebrated Josh's 30th birthday at Papa's Pizza tonight! Lots of yummy pizza; lots of family and friends! I made a plate of food for Finn from the salad bar. He had a hard time eating the cucumbers. They wouldn't stay in his mouth. He kept trying to eat the little chunks and they would just pop out of his mouth. :) So he ate cottage cheese and fruit instead (plus a couple of garbanzo beans, but they kept popping out of his mouth too - go figure).

Everyone clapped for Josh after he blew out all 30 candles and Finn noticed. He's getting the hang of the whole clapping thing. He doesn't really make the noise, but he does the motion. And he expects everyone around him to join in. If you're not clapping, he looks at you and then your hands and waits. :)

Thanks for the great party Gretchen! It was fun to celebrate Josh's big 3-0!

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