Saturday, October 6, 2007

Something to try:

I saw this idea and had to try it out. I ordered the 8"x12" photo from Costco for $1.49! I love the way it looks in my 12x12 scrapbook! Also, I tried the "old style" white stamp pad from Close to My Heart and thought it worked pretty well. I heard that they made it better and am excited to try out the "new style." I used it to stamp the swirls right on the black & white photo and it looks good. The 2nd page isn't super exciting, but I had to show the complete layout. :)

I was able to scrapbook at Amy's with Nicole tonight while our husbands played Halo 3 with guys from church. I put Finn down for bed in their pack n play and he was not very happy with me. He cried pretty hard at first but did calm down fairly quickly, considering he'd never slept there before. So, I stayed until 11:30 pm and did 6 pages (plus put photos on 4 pages that I'd made during our scrapbooking group). Yay for getting pages done! It feels good to be a little bit productive, every once in awhile. :)

Note: I should have had Erik Photoshop out my gray hair sticking out the top of my hair! Those things show up a little better with such a huge photo. :]


Unknown said...

Cute pages! I love the white ink look...and the 8x12 picture. I'm inspired to keep going!!

ChaseRR said...

I love this idea. So great! Again, I wish I could find time for scapbooking right now!