Friday, October 26, 2007

pumpkin patch

On Thursday, my class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch at Lone Pine Farms. I love this event. It's one of my favorite highlights of the school year. It was very sunny & dry, but freezing! The wind was so cold. I had my sunglasses on & my hood on. One of the parents said I looked like the uni-bomber. :\ Hopefully, not quite so hairy. Altogether, we had a great field trip & the kids did great, despite the chilly wind.

The next 2 pictures are blurry because I forgot to take my camera off of manual focus before asking a parent to take some photos. I do not like it when I make silly mistakes like that. So they are sharpened & edited...don't look to close! :)

Our cute boots! We all talked about getting colorful boots for the trip to the pumpkin patch. We kept each other updated on sightings & sales. Then, we all ended up getting boots at different stores for different prices. I was super excited to have them and didn't want to get them dirty. I even walked around mud puddles. Kind of silly, but they're new!

Here's our incredible teaching team!
Tamy, Matthew, me, Jacque, Becca, & Angie

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