Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lunar eclipse

Thankfully, my mom called to tell me to look outside, otherwise I would have missed the lunar eclipse! I always get excited about this sort of thing. It moved a little slowly for Kenton & I'm pretty sure Finn thought we were all crazy! We were at Mummi & Pappa's house & we had all of the lights turned out for optimal viewing. :) We even had binoculars, which really made a difference! I think Finn understood that we were looking at the moon though because he said "lallow" (his word for moon...I think). He says that for a lot of things, but he says it often when pointing towards to moon. :) That kid cracks me up!

Our house by the glow of the street lamp.
Apparently my tripod was on a slope.

A little harder to see, but the moon was beginning to come out of the shadow. So it's super bright on the bottom & still dark on the top.

Note: All of these photos are uploaded at their full size. So if you click on them, they get really big...which helps when you're looking at a tiny picture of the moon. I guess I needed a bigger lens on my camera. If only...


Anonymous said...

That looks like it was amazing! I don't know if we could have seen it here, I suppose it would have been during the day when the moon is on your side of the Earth and the sun was shining on me, causing the shadow. Right? Is that how it works?

I love that Finn has words that have no connection to the English, and that you understand him. My brother had his own language and my parents were the only ones who knew what he was saying... so cute!

Jax said...

nice pictures of the eclipse! stu reminded me that the eclipse was going on and we went outside to watch it but we didnt stay out for the whole thing. there were lots of other people on our street watching it though so it was pretty cool.

oh yeah:

LOST TONIGHT! and survivor! im just so excited!

Anonymous said...

Hi K and K,
Could you make a DVD of the oscars for us to take to C and J?
That would be great if you could!


Anonymous said...

Those are GREAT photos, Katrina! Amazing that they show the stars too!Papa called Erik and he was on Crystal mountain and it must have been too cloudy for him to view the eclipse; cool that it was clear for us!