Saturday, February 16, 2008


Working in Ronan's store. :)

We spent the morning at Ronan & Griffin's house while Daddy helped Uncle Josh work on their new house. They installed a window (or two?) & then started prepping for the siding. I think... I was busy playing with the kids. :)

Working on the attic window.

Watching the dads work.

Griffin on the Kawasaki Powerwheel! Ronan's a master on this thing, but Griffin does pretty well too. Ronan was a bit concerned that Griffin wasn't wearing a helmet. :)

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Jax said...

kenton looks like he is working really hard! i guess that he must know a little bit about tools if he can put a window in! anyway, i hope that you guys are having a lot of fun today at the coast. i am so jealous!

i guess that stu has a really big exam in his french class on tuesday so he is "allowed" to leave the house so i guess that we cant hang out on monday night. bummer...but ill see you again on wednesday!