Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've been wanting to make a record of Finn's words for awhile now. His vocabulary is growing so much lately. Everyday he tries to say a new word or starts using a word spontaneously. It's amazing to watch & such a fun stage for Kenton & I to experience with Finn. He's such a blessing to us.


Perfectly Clear: uh-oh, Mama, Dada, Papa/Pappa, bubble, ball, no, yeah, hi, ow, yay, go

Tries to Say: apple (bapple), yellow (lellow), hello (lolo), bottle (lolo), banana (nana), milk (mio or something?), hat (hah), blanket (different every time), thank you (yah you or yeah yeah), up (buh), help (bel), cheese (ees), cracker (cacka), hot dog (dotda), hot (hah), snow (no)

He tries to say names too, like Sadie, Ty-Ty, Memaw (my mom), Mummi (Kenton's mom), Becca. Sometimes he says them perfectly & other times he just sounds like he's imitating my tone (when I asked him to say Jacque's boyfriend's name, Stu, he said "Woo"). :)

He also makes the "correct" noises when I ask him what a dog, monkey, bird (caw caw), elephant or airplane "says". He nods yes & shakes his head no...but sometimes he gets confused & shakes his head no when he means yes. :) He brings me his shoes or coat (if it's within his reach) when he wants to go outside & walks to the bathroom when I ask him if he wants to take a bath. He's kind of a genius. :P

I am really looking forward to nice weather so that we can play outside more. Finn loves to be outside & can explore forever. We are going to get lots of use out of our neighborhood park! I am looking forward to playing outside without mud everywhere!


Anonymous said...

That's just amazing! It's so neat hearing about this kind of stuff when you don't see it developing from day to day. When I think of Finn, he is far from doing all these things because he was only 8 months old or so. Crazy!

Keep teaching him to say things! And since you have different names for the grandparents I was wondering if you could do the same for me. I've put some thought into it and I think I'd like to have him call me "Snake". Or maybe "Thunderbolt." I guess whatever comes most naturally.


Anonymous said...

I suppose I should request a nickname too. What goes good with Snake or Thunderbolt? Uncle Snake and Aunt Lizard? Hmmm... this will take some though. Jesse is a kook.

Anonymous said...

I meant to ask, does Finn still like his elephant blanket best of all? Does he have a new toy that he takes everywhere or does he not have the security blanket thing at all? You reminded me that I wanted to ask because my brother had a yellow blanket that he called Lellow Mama. :)

Jax said...

awww...i love it! and "Woo" was pretty touched that he said his name ;-)

Anonymous said...

Uncle Thunderbolt/Snake and Aunt Lizard crack me up! =0) I'm sitting here laughing out loud by myself. I love silly people!

And yes, Finn, you are sooo smart! You are teaching Cohen new things all the time! Glad that they're getting more time together.

Today when Memaw asked him if he wanted to go on a drive with her... he shook his head no and started shaking his whole body "no". Because, he wanted to go with Aunt Becca instead. ;0) Pretty cute!