Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 months old

Wednesday, July 1st was Cedar's 2 month "birthday" & we had his 2 month check-up with Dr. Miller. I was so prepared to hear that he was a lot bigger than Finn had been at this age, but turns out he only weighs 6 oz more than Finn did. Cedar is 12 lbs 13 oz (77th %-ile) & 23 1/2 (73rd %-ile) inches, his head circumference is only in the 50th %-ile. So he's a little bigger than other 2 month olds, but just by a little bit. :P It was so sad to see him get his shots, but he handled them really well & wasn't even particularly grumpy afterwards.

While Cedar & I were at the doctor's office, Kenton & Finn went to see "Monsters Vs. Aliens" at the cheap theater. Finn was quiet for the whole movie & has been very excited to tell me all about the characters. In fact, he will tell anyone who will listen - including strangers walking down the street. :P

We stopped by to see Uncle Brian yesterday evening. Cedar was doing pretty well staying propped up.

He seemed to enjoy his new view of the world.

Then he very slowly slid into this position. I only snapped a couple photos before helping him up. He seemed completely unphased. What a good sport! :)

Later that night, we dressed the boys in their first matching outfit - Robot Jammies!

Pretty much the same photo as the one above, but I really noticed in this one how much Cedar looks like pictures of Baby Uncle Erik. Anyone else see a resemblance? The blond hair really helps. I remember Finn going through a stage a looking a little like Uncle Erik. :)

Sweet brothers.


Jax said...

Yeah! I'm glad that Finn decided to wear the jammies. They look so cute!

hechtr said...

SO PRECIOUS! and YES I see the U Erik
resemblance in little Cedar! amazing!