Thursday, July 2, 2009

climbing a mountain

We told Finn that we were going to climb a mountain. It's actually a Spencer's Butte (not technically a mountain), but who cares? :)

Ready for an adventure!

We each had a kid strapped to us.

My kid was a little sleepy.

Kenton's kid was ready for action! He walked for a small stretch of the trail until he tripped on a rock & scraped his knee. :\ But he still had a good attitude & talked to everyone we ran into on the trail (telling them all about going to the "music theater" - movie theater).

We made it to the top - sweaty, out of breath & hungry. This squirrel was SO brave & came right up to us. In fact, he took a bite of Finn's sandwich while Finn was holding it! We both had looked away for a moment & turned around to see Finn feeding the squirrel - eeek! :P We had to shoo him away.

At the top

Dad with his boys

Mama with her boys

Beautiful view

Quick poopy diaper change before heading back down. :\

In the cover of green leaves - such pretty lighting.

Almost everyone who we passed seemed surprised to see such a little baby on the trail. He was a great little hiker & hardly made a peep the whole way up & down.

We were pretty warn out but it felt great to hike. It's only going to get harder while the kids keep getting bigger...until they're big enough to hike on their own, I suppose. The second Kenton let go of Finn's hand at the bottom, he fell & scraped his other knee. :( Bummer. But he fell asleep on the way home & took a nice long nap - Mama napped too.

We woke up & tried to enjoy the sprinkler & kiddie pool on this crazy 90+ degree day. Kenton & Finn had a great battle with the hose & squirt guns. Ahhh...gotta love Summer time!


hechtr said...

Way to Go Henry Family! What's on the "stay-cation" agenda for today? and beyond?

Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton said...

I love the cute pigtails (:

Jax said...

Haha, I love the "poopy diaper" change picture. I'm glad you guys were able to go on the hike. It is so pretty up there and totally worth the sweat and scraps it takes to climb the trail!

Angela said...

It's outdoor, scenic photos like these that make me miss Oregon's beauty... :) I am constantly amazed at how mellow Cedar is, and I love Finn's big excited grins up to the camera. Fun kids!