Monday, December 28, 2009

at the hecht's

Next we went to my parent's house to celebrate with all the cousins! What a huge pile of gifts...granted, there are a LOT of people when we all get together. :)

The sleepy, slightly sick, baby Santa. This costume was made by my mom for Tyler when he was a baby. Many of the cousins have had a chance to wear it on Christmas. :)

Cohen's turn

Finn & Sadie watching Ronan

Power Miner Legos for Tyler

Buzz Lightyear for Griffin!

Littlest Pet Shop for Sadie

G.I. Joes for Ronan

The 6 of us

Kenton drew Gretchen's name for our family drawing this year. We had fun shopping for her together. :)

Aaron drew my name & knitted this scarf all by himself - just kidding! :)

Kenton's huge pile of gifts from Becca - mostly new board games + a new hoody!

Finn's grand finale gift - a pinball machine! So fun. He's been having a good time with this toy.

Boy, were we spoiled this year?! It's been great to have some new toys to entertain the kids, new clothes for me & new games for Kenton memorize. ;) Thanks for the great gifts everyone - we are so blessed to be so close to so much of our family. We thank God for all of you!


hechtr said...

WE thank God for YOU too!!!!

Anonymous said...

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