Friday, December 25, 2009

signs of the season

December 11th was the annual EEP Holiday party (for work). We ate yummy breakfast & did a gift exchange. I think everyone in our group left with something they were happy with. :)

Our morning class
Matthew, Tamy, Angie (our supervisor), Jacque, me & Becca

The whole team
We had to get a photo with Stu too because he's now working in the afternoon class.

Here are some photos of our home, looking cozy for Christmas:

Our tree, reflecting on the coffee table

Just missing a stocking for Cedar - I finished before Christmas, but didn't have it done when I took this photo

The nativity with a new, homemade wreath up above. :)

Poinsettia with the advent toys set up to the right.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to post more photos from the outside of the house. :)

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Anonymous said...

Your house looks very Christmassy and beautiful! --Outi