Friday, December 11, 2009

the day after

On Friday evening, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. I contributed my sweet meat pie & the traditional Henry family cranberry-orange salad that has been passed down from Kenton's great-great-great grandmother, Addie Varner! I didn't do it justice, but it was still pretty tasty. :)

Kenton made sweet dinner rolls! Yumm!

The spread
I remembered to take pictures before eating this time. :)

So many place settings.
Our family has grown from the original 6 Hechts to 16!

Youngest to Oldest
Erik came down from Seattle :)

The kids
Cohen is mostly out of the photo, but you can see Ronan, Sadie, Tyler, Griffin, Finn & Cedar (or at least some portion of each child) :)

Enjoying some adult time while the kids watched a movie after dinner

Tyler loves his littlest cousin. Cedar's pretty fond of Ty too!

Not the best idea. I needed help to get Cedar's hand out of my hair. But it makes a cute photo!

Now for the annual family photo shoot!

The Henry Family
Finley (3), Katrina (28), Kenton (28), & Cedar (almost 7 months)

Memaw & Papa

Quick music break while others gather for their turn

The grandkids
Sadie, Cedar, Ronan, Finley, Griffin, Tyler & Cohen

The Chase Family
Aaron, Tyler, Sadie, Becca & Cohen

All 16!
We had 3 cameras set on auto timer, so everyone is trying to look at the correct camera at the right time. Except for Cedar - he's apparently confused. :P

The original 6
Somehow, I missed the Ruddick family photo. I think I was taking it with their camera. Whoops! Maybe I'll steal it when Gretchen blogs her photos. :)


Cedar always enjoys his cuddle time with Uncle Aaron

However, he was a little unsure of this Uncle Erik character!

Memaw will save you, buddy!

Perhaps the feeling's mutual, Cedar. Sorry. :P
Cedar has just started to show anxiety with unfamiliar people. A friend of mine responded to this news by saying, "Phew! Cedar is NOT actually perfect." Hee hee...he's pretty close! :)

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