Monday, December 28, 2009

at the henry's

We woke up early on Christmas morning to go to Mummi & Pappa Henry's house! It was too hard to get Cedar to look at the blinking light on the camera. :) Cedar actually wasn't feeling very well...he's probably teething a bit & had a slight fever. So sad. :(

There! Much easier to get the kids to look with grandparents behind the lens. :P

Matching jammie boys

One of Finn's gifts: a large, stuffed doggie. He named him Obi Wan. :)

Cedar's getting big brother Finn...with some help from Pappa. Notice their pretty new wall of shelving & cabinets - Outi's birthday/Christmas gift.

Nice new sweater & shirt from Mummi & Pappa.

New Hot Wheels!

Finn has a great collection of Hot Wheel tracks & has been having a great time setting them up throughout the house.

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hechtr said...

great fun! I LOVE the family picture and the 4 of you with the boys in their matching pjs!
love you!