Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas eve

We gathered at the Ruddicks for sushi (made by Erik & Josh), tempura (made by Kenton), orange chicken & yakisoba noodles (made by Gretchen).

Mmmmm...sushi! Kenton was brave & tried some this year. He says he liked it! :) Everything tasted great & we had LOTS left over even though we all got our fill.

New favorite silly/unflattering self protrait. :P

Cedar tried avocado & cucumber!

Hi Mama!

More cucumber, please?

Cedar started army crawling forward & spent some time showing off his new trick! He's taking a little break here. Finn was there too but he spends most of his time playing upstairs when we visit the Ruddicks. :)


We each got a little gift from the Hickmans - earrings for the girls & Starbucks gift cards for the guys. Thanks guys! The earrings are so cute! :)

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hechtr said...

I love these pic's-such a wonderful treat to have the whole 'clan' present! Thanks Ruddicks for creating & hosting this fun tradition!