Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the good stuff

On New Year's day, Cedar turned 8 months old!!

Figured out forward motion - now he's going, going, going...

A little help from the big brother - Finn likes to help Cedar chew on things. :)

Finn being "brave" (in his own words) :)


A few smiling photos...

...couldn't choose...

...he's just too sweet...
(Still can't really see his two new teeth poking through.)

...that smile makes you just feel SO special...

Watching Finn

I don't want to forget how much Cedar likes this coaster. Not sure what it is about it, but he definitely lets us know when he sees it - smiling, reaching, stretching, squawking (never really thought about the correct spelling of squawk - weird, huh?). :P

Kenton took over taking photos & made a deal with Finn: if Finn would make faces & pose for the camera, then he'd let Finn take some photos of him!

One of the least blurry shots by Finn! :D Ha ha!


This one makes us laugh!

Sure do love that kid!


Jax said...

You have two pretty cute boys there!

Angela said...

I cannot get over how cute your boys are! Someday, sometime, somehow, I'm going to get myself back to Oregon for a visit. :)